Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Giver Book         VS          Giver Movie

The giver movie is much more action packed and that was one of the main things I loved about it but I feel like the addition of fiona in ways that include her and jonas were better ways to push him over the top to help the community to save gabriel. The fact that jonas was sixteen instead was really hard to take in at first but got more understandable and reasonable for the plot of the story and the gruesome world he had to go through. If jonas were 12 in the movie a lot of the scenes would be weird and awkward to watch such as the scene in the triangle and near the end of the movie the scene of jonas and fiona in the nurturing center. One aspect I did not like about the movie is that first almost the first whole one fourth of the movie we were color blind and it was really boring and bland compared to the book where we could imagine and not be held back by the black and white colors on the screen. The book is very straight forward unlike the movie to me. In the book we get to understand what jonas really feels and how he thinks in a better way then a voice over in the movie. One thing that really really set the movie apart from the book was the chief elder who became a villain to try and stop jonas form destroying sameness and everything the community has tried to achieve for years. But jonas had a much rougher life and the memories he got and the memories we were able to see in the movie really made a difference and really let us visualize the pain, sorrow, and other emotions that came along with the memories that gave jonas hope and courage and strength to achieve his goal of destroying sameness. The chief elder made many differences in the book such as creating a new semi main character who creates a friendship to say with jonas’s mother which creates more conflict and questioning from jonas’s mother when he starts acting strange in a scary way to the chief elder which mean it is starting to scare the mom. After jonas starts to act noticeably weird jonas’s mom snitches on him which never happens in the book because their was no chief elder villain to snitch too. One other difference that really helped me understand was the explanation of what they thought the boundary of memory is and what they thought would happen when they crossed it. Unlike the book the movie created a reason why they should leave the community other than saving gabriel, they now knew what they were doing and knew how the elders were keeping the memories inside jonas and gave a little more reason for the rule about no requesting for release than the book.

I believe that the movie is way better than the book because it is easier to understand, hypothesize, and connect than the book because of all the settele and obvious changes they have made to make the story better and more exciting like a movie should do.  

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Hey mom can you text Grandpa for me and let him know that I would love to interview him tomorrow.She said no with a sharp tone and said that I would have to do it myself and also said I was acting lazy. Later that day I just decided to call my grandpa and ask him if he would be available. He said hello with joy and a boyishness tone that made me smile. Hi i said I have a question for you? Can I interview you for my school project pease. His voice reminded me of his lightly darkened face thats always smiling always making others smile to. He wears tropical button up shirts to remind us of where he came from which everyone confuses for hawaii but its a less underrated hawaii its quam.

Why did you join the airforce when you did Grandpa?
Was nineteen when Bill joined the air force and contributed in the Vietnam war.I always looked up to  him because of his bravery and  contribution but told me that he joined the air force to avoid getting drafted to be a soldier. It took him a while to explain why he did it but he said that he wanted to volunteer to be in a less dangerous roll in the war to avoid getting hurt to and to avoid to hope to survive to return to see his family again. He said “That my decision may be the sole reason you're here today grandson.” Then he started laughing as if he thought that was joke
(which he did).

What was your childhood like?
“I made my own toys.” he said he loved to go out and play with his friends while also have his beloved grandparents living close to him. Grew his own food in the backyard, he had papaya trees along with his favorite mango trees. He always loved his childhood and knew how lucky he was to have a nice family to take care of him. He told me that everything was way  cheaper back then and said that a coke would be about 5 centis but know it costs about one to two dollars because of inflation. He told me that “ It was a great childhood and I made amazing memories and will never forgot how fun and how it made him into the man he is today.” He also lived on a small farm which helped him grow his own crops with his family so they don't have to waste money on the store which was very close to them. He lived in on an island that was almost just like Hawaii the name was Quam and was very into the island even today. He is always sporting a Quam sticker somewhere no matter if it’s a shirt, wall, car, he will find a way to make it all Quam.

Who did you admire when you were growing up?
My grandpa is the biggest elvis presley fan you would ever meet. When ever he was home he would listen to elvis and growing up still does. Whenever he takes me somewhere he plays it and is starting to make me like it to. He went to one of his concerts and saw him in person and told me it was one of the most memorable moments of his evis fetish. Growing up my grandpa loved to sing elvis song and elvis had such a big impact on his life that my gandpa wanted to be like him when he grew up. He wanted a career in singing but found out it was not or him when he started growing up.

What's your biggest regret?
“My biggest regret is not studying or trying all that hard in school. If I did good in school and were trying as hard as you are I would have never ended up living like I am now. Sure i'm not poor but I'm not rich either but if I were to go to college and really learn a life skill that would be useful in the working industry I would have never ended up as a truck driver. But I am lucky for the way I live because i'm still comfortable and I'm happy with my life.”

Thursday, December 1, 2016

When you take drugs you are flooding your brains reward system with a chemical in your body called dopamine. dopamine are neurotransmitters that are in control of movement, joy, and feelings of pleasure.euphoric thoughts motivate people to do them again and again.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The reward system is a group of neural structures in the brain that are responsible want and desire and pleasurable experiences like taking drugs activate this reward system that makes it compelling do have these experiences again and agian.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I have been reading why drugs are so addictive and it is because drugs supply such a relaxing and great experience that it activates your brains reward system which makes you want that experience again and again this can make you get worse and worse were you can injure others to get them or things like that

Monday, November 28, 2016

YouTube was first founded in 2005 and was founded by chard Hurley this person alone put in millions of dollars to create this website for us. Surprisingly he was once a worker for pay pal and he went to Indiana university of Pennsylvania for his collage and studied computer science which might have been the reason this website was even made!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

So Stanley has now made his first hole and started to feel pride and joy but the exhaustion really hits him hard where he could barely wake up in the morning but the only thing keeping him up that early is the fact  that he doesn't want to work all day in the sun and get cooked. He also got his first nickname which is Caveman, he doesn't realize this in till they invite him for dinner.